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Baldwin Filters | Trucking – It’s In Our Blood

Pushing limits is what we do. There’s no stopping us when it comes to protecting your engine. Wherever the road takes you, whatever the conditions, we have the filters you need when you need them. TRUCKING – IT’S IN OUR BLOOD

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Find Your Trailer Parts at NBTC!

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Monday, July 16, 2018

NBTC Repairs Liftgates- 3 Widely Used Liftgate Parts

North Bay Truck Center repairs truck mounted liftgates. We repair all types of liftgates with all types of malfunction or failures.

Here are 3 common parts described in an ezine article byReena White: 

There are many parts available today that can be used on liftgates to make it more durable, function more efficiently or to protect it from any mechanical faults or damage.

Today's article will focus on 3 such common Liftgate parts that can be used on trucks. Truck and trailer owners or people interested in adding a liftgate to their existing heavy duty vehicles will find this information quite useful.

1. Master Disconnect Switch

The master disconnect switch is very important liftgate part. It essentially acts as a fail-safe to prevent the liftgate from getting damaged or causing more damage. Liftgates have to carry a lot of weight. They are primarily designed for heavy duty work load provided certain weight restrictions as observed. The master disconnect switch is a secondary switch that acts as over ride and releases the pressure of the liftgate and brings it down to its original starting position. This comes in handy should the liftgate gets jammed and stops moving up or down.

2. Liftgate Motor

Arguably this is a vital part of the liftgate. Every liftgate has it and it is needed to ensure that it works flawlessly. The liftgate motor is responsible for horizontal and vertical movement of the lift gate. It is essentially its brain and can be compared to the engine of the car. It controls all maneuverability functions. It is commonly located underneath the chassis near the liftgate.

3. Cables and Plugs

Another very crucial liftgate, the cables and the plugs complete the connection between the motor and the actual liftgate itself. Proper cabling ensures that the horizontal and vertical motions of the liftgate remains flawless and without interruption. Plug in are needed throughout the installation to ensure that the motor, cabling and the liftgate are tightly secured and that there are no immediate obstacles in their way that might come in the way of their functionality.

These are just three common examples of liftgate parts currently available. There are many more different types of parts on the market each offering versatility and diversity. However the above three are standard liftgate parts in addition to the liftgate itself. Other modifications are available and depend mainly on the requirements and total cost. To determine what would be best for your trailer or truck, look up your local trailer dealer or Liftgate parts dealer. They will be able to determine what modifications should be added to the ATV.

By Reena White  |

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Friday, July 13, 2018


Introducing the new MICHELIN® X® WORKS™ Z tire. With a 50% wider protector ply vs. leading competitive tires and 5% more removal miles vs. the MICHELIN® XZY® 3 tire it replaces, this tire provides unsurpassed durability against road hazards – guaranteed.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Run on Less Final Results

Ploger Transportation recognized for outstanding fuel efficiency in RUN ON LESS 2017

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Why America is facing a shortage of truck drivers

More than 70 percent of the goods we consume are carried by truck drivers on the nation's highways. A new report says the industry needs to hire roughly 90,000 new truckers each year to keep up with demand. As part of our continuing series, Work in Progress, Kris Van Cleave reports on why so many of those jobs are unfilled and how it could drive up costs for Americans.